Subject Re: Classic Server leaves "ghosts" connections behind - Redux
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
--- In, "Eduardo A. Salgado"
<eas@o...> wrote:
> > When your application is closed, it will free its
> > database connection, which will either commit or rollback any
> > transaction and close the connection. CS will then do whatever it
> > when it gets told to close the connection. (which I am sure
> > killing the process at some point in time).
> That is what I was hoping for.

But I may be doing something REALLY wrong. With just some 35-40
concurrent users at this time, and each gets three database
(so let us say 120 connections), I am finding 1,900
connections in the Windows Task Manager Processes Tab!

Now, this Saturday PM, I will go clean all of them up. But I do not
know where they came from or why they are still there. I have
the main program (Delphi) and it closes every database and destroys
connections the right way.

On our way to at least 10 times the current concurrent users, I am

Any other thoughts, please? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?