Subject Classic Server leaves "ghosts" connections behind
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
New to working in a Citrix environment. Using FB version 1.5.2 in
Classic Server mode on a 4 processor box with hyperthreading (making
it look like 8 processors) and 3.5 Gig of RAM.

Even though I set GuardianOption = 0 and disabled Guardian, I find a
lot of "ghost" connections, most just using some 50 KB of memory,
even at midnight when no one is using our apps.

To me they appear to be left behind by Citrix timeouts of the
connections to the database (even when set to 6 hours) when users
leave their machines on and do not terminate the program that uses
the database connections. With growing number of users, we may exceed
the server limits on concurrent connections even though they are not
really being used.

Have you guys any experience with these left over connections? How
can we make sure they are cleared up? Is there some code that needs
to be invoked or conf setting that needs to be turned on?