Subject FBTalk / Query Limits
Author Ricke_t
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>> Let me make it the question a little more clear.
>> What is the procedure body size limit?
>Si Carter
Firebird currently has the following limits to queries:
Maximum SQL Statement Size: 64KB
Maximum IN List Members: 1499
WHERE clause AND: 255
WHERE clause OR: 1593

Ok, This makes sense. The sql query can be no bigger than 64k. When
one runs a "Create Procedure ... " statement in a script, I am making
the assumption that the whole context of the create statement is
considered one sql statement. The only hang up with that theory is
that the "create procedure ... " statements that blows up is less than
64k and greater than 32k. All of my procedures that are less than 32k
works just fine in the script.

I can run the same script in WISQL32 and it works fine. When I run:
C:\>isql "<path><filename>.fdb" -i "<PATH>update.sql" -u "EDSS" -p
"edss" -o "<Path>updPT641.log" -e -m
The script blows chucks.

Is there way to verify to the ISQL.exe variable from interbase 6 to
firebird 1 5. Just a thought from right field ... maybe the variable
was assigned to a small int instead of a word.

I would prefer not to break my procedures down below 32k if I don't
have to.'