Subject Help Converting FB1.5.2 app to FB Embedded using Delphi ADO
Author delphigurusam
Win XP Pro, FB1.5.2, hmmm?
I "converted" a FB1.5.2 c/s Delphi/IBX app to embedded simply by
removing the path from the database name, recompiling the EXE and
placing the FB database, fbembed.dll (renamed gds32.dll), and the new
EXE in the same directory. Worked perfectly the first time!

This approach doesn't work for a different app I have created using D7
Ent ADO/FB driver/MDAC. I understand "Error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver
Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified".
I have seen it many times while learning FB.

Can someone give me an idea whether I can run a Delphi ADO app using
the FB embedded server and how to do it?

As always,
Thanks in advance to a great bunch of people who have helped me so much.
Sam Hunt
Auburn, WA