Subject GBAK hang problem
Author Dave Byrne
I have a Firebird 1.5.2 database file that is 230 MB and I try to back
it up with the following command:

C:\public\gbaktest>gbak -v -t -b c:\public\gbaktest\asset5.fdb -user
sysdba -pas masterkey c:\public\gbaktest\asset5.fbk

I get a bunch of output relating to metadata but it hangs at the
following point:

gbak: writing Character Sets

gbak: writing Collations

gbak: writing index RDB$PRIMARY53

gbak: writing index FKF2AC51FD2646C48

gbak: writing index FKF2AC51F30C45E2D

gbak: writing data for table NOTIFIER_FILTER_CLASSIFICATIONS

gbak: 0 records written

gbak: writing index RDB$PRIMARY52

gbak: writing index FK_EVENT_TO_DEVICE

gbak: writing index FK_EVENT_TO_EVENT_TYPE

gbak: writing data for table ASSET_EVENT

At this point I also notice that the fbserver.exe process starts to take
up 90% of the CPU.

I CTRL-C gbak but fbserver.exe continues to hog the CPU.

No one else is using the database. I restarted the firebird service
prior to running gbak to guarantee a fresh start.

I have two separate (large) test databases that display this same
problem. I also have several that work fine.

Also, just in case this is relevant, the ASSET_EVENT table contains
several million records.

Any ideas on what could be going wrong here?


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