Subject How to open a Firebird database without the user/password?
Author giovanibettiol
Hello people!

I need to open a Firebird database without the user and password.
This is the old database of a customer of mine and I need to get
some information from this database.

I copied the .fdb from the server to another and when I try to open
it, it returns: "This user does not have privilege to perform this
operation on this object. no permition for read-write access to
database" <database file name>

I need to know if there's a possibility of copying the security
database from the server to my pc to open this database without
knowing the user and password. The programmers from the old software
house put this user/password fixed on the application.

How to open this database?
I need help. Clues are welcomed.

Giovani Bettiol
Windel Sistemas Ltda
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