Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded Firebird : Transaction
Author Nando Dessena

A> Gbak uses a transaction option "no_auto_undo" that does reduce memory
A> usage. Have you tracked the memory usage of your large inserts?

it was long ago but I believe I did - and found it was constantly
growing in the single transaction scenario, and quite stable in the
multi-transaction case, which was also faster. But that was almost
certainly an old (circa 1.0) version of Fb and I wasn't scientific in
my testing. And, IIRC I had updates as well as inserts, possibly
double or otherwise multiple updates to the same record.

Anyway, I'll refrain from discouraging people from using techniques if
I haven't got a clear proof they're dangerous. That just isn't fair.

Nando Dessena
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