Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded Firebird : Transaction
Author Boris Herbinière-Sève
Nando Dessena wrote:
> no way. In Firebird you start transactions with API calls.

Ok. I can't say I like the answer, but that clear a few things up.

> Aren't CachedUpdates and RequestLive API calls? :-)

Indeed. I was asking because you *can* access such parameters in some
RDBMS through 'proprietary' SQL keywords.

> - fill the param values accessing them by index/direct reference and
> not by name (this might apply or not depending on what tools you are
> using to get to the metal).

I already do that.

> - commit every "n" inserts, where "n" is usually in the thousands.

That exactly what I'm trying to do. Speed (or lack thereof) in my case
is clearly due to Firebird I/O. I'm not a firebird expert (obviously),
but if the only way to achieve this is through transactions, and
transactions requires API calls, well I'll just have to wait.

> I'm not sure what gain you expect from such an index.

The privilege to look like a moron on a public mailing list maybe... :)
In fact I had duplicate problems before (and rightly so, indexes couln't
be created), so I added UNIQUE to make sure everything was OK. But then
I don't need an index anymore...

Oh, and thanks for your tool, it's a life saver.

Boris Herbinière-Sève