Subject Firebird freeze on Ubuntu
Author pdhakan

I am experiencing Firebird freeze atleast once a day on one of our
customer's site.
When the freeze occurs I am not able to login to the database even via
isql (that rules out network issues). At times I have waited for well
over a minute trying to connect, finally I restart Firebird.

Firebird: SuperServer (old threading model)
Server Hardware: Dell Poweredge with Intel Xeon processor, 1 GB RAM
Server OS: Ubuntu 5.04 running 2.6.11-1-686 kernel
Client Apps use Firebird.Net 1.0.1241
Database size is fairly small as of now, about 40 MB.

This is the first Ububtu installation that we have tried out. Earlier
we were using RH8.0 and did not have this problem.
There is nothing logged in Firebird.log. Any ideas on whats going on?