Subject Firebird mentioned in german computer magazine / database contest
Author tdtappe
Just to let you know:

Firebird is mentioned in the german computer magazine c't (which is
the best german computer magazine, I'd say).
There's a short article about free database systems (FB 1.5, MSDE
2000, MySQL/MyISAM, MySQL/InnoDB and PostgreSQL 8). And a small table
with each database's features is shown.
The most negative things mentioned in the article is the bad
documentation and that firebird is not very well known.

Along with the magazine comes a CD with all the different database
engines for different platforms (windows, linux, mac) and some db

Another articles invites to participate in a database contest.
But it's in german only :-(
Participants have to have their solution ready on November 13, 2005

Maybe some Firebird expert can tweak the reference application to get
the most out of "our" database :-)