Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: User lockouts
Author Alan McDonald
> Please explain "under-utilising" !

Fb Server - any decent SQL server thrives on offering multiple connections.
I do not know your reasoning for blocking multiple connections but there are
a plethora of valid reasons for allowing them. The most useful one is the
use of threads in your application.
If your users are giving your application the 3 finger salute, perhaps the
process they are unwilling to wait for (to complete) should be put in a
separate thread. Let it complete while the user gets on with other things.
But if you are locking yourself into one connection, you will never take
advantage of threaded application design. You need a separate connection for
each thread.
There are many other uses for multiple simultaneous connections.


> --- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> wrote:
> > > Adam
> > >
> > > We use 1 database component (in Delphi) for the app to connect
> to
> > > Firebird. All queries are routed through this single connection.
> The
> > > app itself does not open other connections in parallel to
> Firebird.
> > > Each user has their own login to Firebird, which we check with
> > > Firebird before allowing them to login to the database.
> > >
> > > Rob
> >
> > hmmm, sad to see you under-utilising..
> > Alan
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