Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded success!
Author Brad Pepers
Nando Dessena wrote:
> Brad,
>>>B> 2. The firebird.conf just needs to have one line with RootDirectory=?
>>>B> where ? is the directory you put the files.
>>>B> 4. In your code you need to set the FIREBIRD environment variable to
>>>B> point to the directory where you setup the local Firebird environment.
>>>I'm far from being a Firebird expert when it comes to CS on Linux, but
>>>I suspect that you only need one of those, preferably the latter.
> B> I tried it without and both are actually needed. Setting the env var
> B> should be enough and should be the required part but if the
> B> firebird.conf file wasn't there
> Sorry; I was talking about the RootDirectory entry, not the file
> itself.

Ok I'll try it without the RootDirectory line which would be good to
remove. Its then a blank file though and its not good of Firebird to
require it to be there when a blank one will do and its also not good to
kill the process instead of returning an error message if the file isn't

Brad Pepers