Subject Permissions
Author Brad Pepers
Is there a document on how permissions work for database access on Linux
using FirebirdCS 1.5.2? I'm afraid the whole system is baffling to me.
I have a database called a1.fdb and its in /tmp and the permissions
are 0666 so everyone can read and write it but I can't open it with isql

export FIREBIRD=/opt/firebird
isql -u sysdba -p ... /tmp/a1.fdb

I get the error:

Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902

operating system directive open failed
-Permission denied

So what does this mean? How are permissions denied to a file with all
read/write permissions enabled and in the /tmp directory? I tried
changing the ownership and group of the file to "firebird" and that
didn't help either. I can open it if I specify localhost: before the
database name but then I'm using a network connection and not a direct
one which isn't what I want.

Brad Pepers