Subject Re: [firebird-support] Where to store photographs?
Author Almond
At 02:30 2005-09-14, Ivan Cruz wrote:
>women_lover_best wrote:
> >I will need to be able access about 3000 photographs..and store on
> >local drive of user..these photographs will be on a server..should i
> >store it in firebird,or in a folder on server(each photograph will be
> >named as id.jpg eg 100.jpg...
> >
> >
> >
>On a folder, for sure. Two reasons:
>1. Storing in your db will increase your backup time.
>2. When storing on disk you will be able to use comand line tools to
> easily process your pictures (like generating thumbnails, for
> example.

I once save my photo in a folder. But now I think that store it in database
is better.

1. One backup/restore procedure/command/tool save both data and picture.
2. No write permission/operation need to give web server process. Avoid
security problem. I once hacked by a hacker who uploaded something to my
server. Now all my web server directory is write protected.
3. You don't need to deal with the directory syntax on different O/S.

Yes, you'll need more programming when store the pictures in db, but in a
long run, you'll save your time.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards,

Almond Wong