Subject Re: Backing up (gbak) slows other operations
Author Adam
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> --- In, "Nick" <nick@u...> wrote:
> > what is your command line for gbak
> gbak -v -y c:\gbak.log -user SYSDBA -pass xxx -ba
> server.mydomain.internal:d:\data\original.gdb d:\data\backup.gbk

Your poor D drive :)

Seek a section of the gdb file
Read a little bit
Seek a section of the gbk file
Write something there

If the other applications require disk I/O with your D drive then
that makes it even worse.

If C and D are just partitions on the same drive, then add to the
slowness the time it takes to move to and write every log entry.

If the CPU usage is high, then it is probably sweeping, because this
command I would expect to be disk bound. Avoiding sweeps is mainly a
case of managing transactions, and keeping them as short as possible.
I wouldn't expect the gdb to shrink at all after a sweep so I am not
sure what you mean by that comment in your other post.