Subject Embedded use
Author Brad Pepers
Can anyone help me find out how to use Firebird in an embedded
installation? I don't want to run a server or anything and what I
expected to be able to do is just link against and that
would be fine but I get these messages when I try to connect to a database:

lock manager error
-can't start lock manager: /home/bpepers/firebird/bin/fb_lock_mgr
Failed to connect to database /home/bpepers/Quasar/databases/a1.fdb:
connect failed

Why is it try to use the lock manager when I'm using libfbembed?

My /home/bpepers/firebird directory contains:

firebird.conf (blank)

After I tried to connect to a database these files appeared:


The hostname is "deth" and the firebird.log file just has the same error
about failing to start the lock manager.

I'm using FirebirdCS- on SuSE 9.2 and the C++ code sets the
environment variable FIREBIRD to point to /home/bpepers/firebird and
then uses the isc_attach_database call to try and connect. If I don't
set FIREBIRD to /home/bpepers/firebird then instead I get a Permission
Denied error and an strace shows that Firebird is trying to read files
in /opt/firebird which exists (most of the file are unreadable by my
regular user though) but its for a full client/server install so why is
the embedded driver trying to read files in there???

Is the problem that I'm trying to use the Firebird embedded version on a
system thats also running the full client/server version? If so then
how do I get around this?

Brad Pepers