Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird installation on Mac OS X
Author Daniel R. Jimenez
> Hi Daniel,
> Saw your email but got tied up with some work and hadn't had a chance to
> reply yet. My apologies.
> Just a question, are you certain that the zip file is not damaged in any
> form during downloads? OSX uses Stuffit as its compression frameworkand
> during the time of OSX 10.2 and early 10.3, there are cases whereby
> Stuffit expand certain files incorrectly. I know this sounds weird but
> it happened to me before.
> Having said that, I think you should read this,
> It provides very precise information on how to compile Firebird into CS
> and SS from source in OSX.
> Hope that helps.
> maurice
Hi Maurice,

Thank you for the reply,

I will try once more.