Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: embedded firebird - UDF problem
Author Bogusław Brandys
Bogusław Brandys wrote:
> Slawomir Bialek wrote:
>>On Sat, Sep 10, 2005 at 01:06:45AM -0000, Adam wrote:
>>>A Firebird Server will not connect to a database that is on a volume
>>>not directly controlled by the server. It is a sure fire way to
>>Yes I know - the database is local, only the application
>>and UDFs are on the server.
>>We want it on the server because it is easy way to maintance
>>it (upgrades, etc.) for all users.
>>Databases are created and used locally only :)
>>It is not a standard database application.
>>This application is used to prepare a firebird database from scratch,
>>and fill it with some data. Then such database is sent
>>(email) somewhere else and there is used in standard, proper way.
>>So I don't want to access a database via network using embedded
>>server, I just want to load UDF dlls via network.
>>As I said everything works fine for us in such configuration
>>except UDFs :(
>>Thanks for your response.
> Try to change in each client computer (not computer) inside
> firebird.conf
> UdfAccess = Restrict \\\app\udf
> however I don't know if it works without mapping \\ as drive
> letter (and even it is fairy bad idea when network is unstable)
> Second choice would be to copy UDF into each client and set UdfAccess to
> local directory UDF (but I assume that you want to avoid this solution)
> Regards
> Boguslaw Brandys

Ups! Sorry,I misunderstand you.
Anyway test if global path for UDF is working (\\\pp\udf).

Boguslaw Brandys