Subject embedded firebird - UDF problem
Author Slawomir Bialek

I have application which is installed on the windows
server and it uses embedded firebird 1.5.

The application is accessible in our network
via something like \\\app\app.exe

Everything was fine with it before,
but lastly we have added some features
which require UDF. There is subdirectory
udf in \app\ on the server and the application
works fine locally.

We are trying to run it via \\\app\app.exe
and it gives us:
Invalid request BLR at offset...
function SUBSTR is not defined
module name or entrypoint could not be found.

I think firebird is not able to load UDF DLLs
via \\\app\udf\...
We don't want to map \\\ to a drive letter.
We have played with root dir in firebird.conf - no effect.

Is there something we can do with it? :)

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