Subject Primary key Not Null?
Author oodiannivek
Good Day,

I'm using FB 1.5. (1.5.2 I believe).

I just discovered today that if I declare a field as a primary key, I
still need to declare this field as not null. I believe that by
definition a primary key is unique and not null. So by me declaring a
field as a primary key should automatically mean that the field had to
be unique and not null?

Why was it was implemented that way? Very curious. I believe that it's
an either or in the database world (i.e. some do it like FB and others
do it automatically).

Thank you kindly,

(PS. Its my first bash at using FB, I've used IB before and I didn't
come across this before. Either I unconciously made them NOT NULL
(very likely!) or this wasn't the behaviour in IB?)

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