Subject Re: Is FB 1.0.3 Faster on a RAID than on a single drive?
Author Adam
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> Does FB have any problems having it's data file on a RAID 5?

No, the only rule is that the volume itself must be under the
physical control of the machine that is hosting the database. You can
put your database on a USB key if you like.

> My
> experience is that a database should be much faster with inserts and
> queries than with a single drive but I just wanted to make sure this
> was true for FB.

It really depends on the operation, but yes inserts tend to be I/O
bound, so improving the I/O speed should speed it up. You probably
have some batch operation in mind that allows you could watch to
determine this. Hint, if the CPU is 100%, or close to, a faster
volume will not achieve much. If it is nearly idle and the disk is
sounding like a jet engine, then that sounds like a good candidate.