Subject Re: trigger/procedure problem
Author Adam
--- In, "ebz" <coptis@f...> wrote:
> Hi!
> Just noticed a problem with the following. The field 'variant' locks
in my
> Delphi program after I use this trigger with a TIBDataset component,
> switch and use a DBEdit field to make another change. Is it the
trigger or
> the component that hangs the field? How to tell?? It only lets go if I
> completely close the program, not just commit everything. Other field
> triggers (designation) work ok, which makes me suspect the procedure.

The simple way for you to test it is to simulate the change in isql and
see if isql hangs. If isql does not hand it is a component issue. Btw,
variant is a keyword in Delphi, so this may be your problem. It is like
trying to call a field integer or float.