Subject database ballooning problem
Author innoy1k
Our client server Delphi software is currently using Interbase
database with FB1.5 services. A couple of our new client's database
growths from some MBs (e.g.: 23MB) to GBS (e.g.: 4GB) with very little
data compare to others. I've collected some statistic as shown in the

Number of users: 2

Date: 29/04
Database size: 4GB
table Tfile count: 66
table Lassign count: 193 (only one BLOB field)
Action: Run Backup/Restore
As a result of Backup/Restore proces, the database size was reduced
to: 23MB

Date: 06/09
Database size: 2.483GB
Number of transactions: 54,109
table Tfile count: 231,
table Lassign count: 1370 (only one BLOB field)

The software does not run batch process. Does anyone know:

1) What could cause the problem?

2) I was suggested that it might be to do with the
IBODatabase.Savepoint in our Delphi code, because SavePoint keeps old
state of the records and creates new version, and the old ones are not
garbage collected unless you run backup/restore. Is this true?

thanks & regards,