Subject Re: System Tables - Column Sizes - Too small
Author John B. Moore
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>

> you could try but no doubt the code relies on names of length 32 as
> I think version 2 has bigger sizes if your expected delivery is some
> away then maybe you shoudl be doing this dev with FB2.0 alpha

Don't think that would be a good idea since this is an applicaton that
needs to be critical use in a business.. Though it is nice this will
be address..

> On the other hand - it's amazing what can be done with code using
> and replace. Do you know about GReplace.exe?

Duh... If life where so simple.. Being an open source project this
impacts a LOT of others.. Though I can create a special version "just
for me".. It is always nice to include the community in these changes..

Ya think...???