Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5.x Replication Success and Horror Stories
Author Dmitry Sibiryakov
On 2 Sep 2005 at 20:08, Eduardo A. Salgado wrote:

>* Is IBReplicator the only "aproved" Firebird replication software?

There is no such beast as "aproved replication software for
Firebird". IBReplicator is just one of solutions and you are free to

>* What is the best/better software for replication?

I'm happy with IBReplicator though it has some limitations and
requirements for DB structure.

>* Are there white papers/lessons learned/best practices using
>that software?

Use google. I saw some really good articles about replication

>* Are there horror stories about using that software?

I like this announcement: "This version can destroy your data,
format your HDD, blow your monitor and drink your beer". :-)
Any tool can contain bugs and the results can be any. Replication
don't make regular backup unnecessary.

>What is the best way to prepare to go from one-way replication to two
>way replication for load-balancing in the future?

Read some theory to understand how replication work. Check if your
DB is suitable for such replication. Modify it according if it isn't.

SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.