Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5.x Replication Success and Horror Stories
Author Jonathan Neve
Eduardo A. Salgado wrote:

>Looks like we will have to provide one-way replication to a remote
>site using Windows 2003 Servers.
>Being new to replication,
>* Is IBReplicator the only "aproved" Firebird replication software?
>* What is the best/better software for replication?
>* Are there white papers/lessons learned/best practices using that
>* Are there horror stories about using that software?
>What is the best way to prepare to go from one-way replication to two
>way replication for load-balancing in the future?
You could have a look at CopyCat, which is a set of components for
Interbase/Firebird replication. We developped them recently, based on a
replication solution we had made specifically for a customer 2 years
ago, and which has been in production use ever since, with rather little
trouble. The biggest trouble I did have was due to the lack of proper
conflict management in the earlier versions, which meant that there was
the possibility, if the users should edit the same record on two
different replication sites during the same time period, that one of the
two would crush the other's changes. Apart from this problem (which has
now been solved), there have been very few bugs or problems.

We're in the process of preparing the first official release right now.
The components themselves are ready, but there are many other things
that are slowing things down (documentation, installers, web site etc).
If you're interested, you could have a look at the web site in my
signature. It's just a simple web page for now, but there's a good deal
of information on it.

Best regards,
Jonathan Neve
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