Subject Re: Constraints and indexes automagically renamed
Author lysander_fb
--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
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> lysander_fb wrote:
> >
> > I try to give meaningful names to everything in a database, and have
> > my own nomenclatura-system. This applies not only to field-names, but
> > of course also to index-names and constraints.
> >
> > Now, somehow, after some time, my identifiers get exchanged.
> > Constraint "PI_3044A" (for the first primary key in schema 3044) would
> > suddenly become "INTEG_28" and the corresponding index will be renamed
> > from "IxP_3044A" to something like "RDB$Primary_12".
> >
> > Right now I do suspect it happens with backing up and restoring the
> > database, but couldn't nail it down just now.
> What version of Firebird are you using? Over time we've allowed more
> and more stable, user defined names for "system indexes" - those that
> support foreign and primary keys. There's a lot of inertia in the
> system though that tries to reimpose the old system generated names.
> Regards,
> Ann

Sorry for answering so late... and by checking my own info again, I
saw that I am using not 1.51 but 1.52 (build: 4731) on Win Server 2003,

I _can_ live with the internal names.
Those applications which need indexnames to function properly are a
run-out model in any case. But unfortunately the transformation will
still take some 2 years.

Can I assume, that when I do not give any indexname from the
beginning, then firebird server will create one for me, and keep this
name always-and-forever?