Subject Constraints and indexes automagically renamed
Author lysander_fb
Hello all,

I have some kind of phenomenon and cannot find anything in my
documentations, please forgive me if I have overlooked it or if this
is otherwise something obvious and SHOULD be known to me.

Here is what troubles me a bit:
I try to give meaningful names to everything in a database, and have
my own nomenclatura-system. This applies not only to field-names, but
of course also to index-names and constraints.

Now, somehow, after some time, my identifiers get exchanged.
Constraint "PI_3044A" (for the first primary key in schema 3044) would
suddenly become "INTEG_28" and the corresponding index will be renamed
from "IxP_3044A" to something like "RDB$Primary_12".

Right now I do suspect it happens with backing up and restoring the
database, but couldn't nail it down just now.

What's going on and how can I prevent this?

Unfortunately I am still using some older programs which demand an
index-name to function properly.