Subject Re: Defaults and Delphi 6.0
Author Adam
> > You are using TIBTable, that is what you are doing wrong, argh.
> >
> > If you want to use the IBX components, then stick with TIBQuery
> > and .........
> >
> Does this mean that there are better alternatives than IBX?. I am
> currently using D6. Will I be better off with D7 or D2005?

2005 has some cool features like refactoring but I am on D7 and
(formerly D5). I don't believe the IBX components have been improved
though (although there is an upgrade you can download from Borland).

There is nothing too bad IMO about IBX per se. We have a TDataset
descendant that internally uses IBX components and it works fine. We
wrote it this way so we can substitute for another componentset if we
need to, with minimal coding.

Just remember that IBX is a bunch of components that were originally
developed for Interbase, and are maintained for connection to
Interbase. I do not expect Borland will "jump through hoops" to
maintain compatibility with Firebird, nor do I believe they would
bother deliberately sabotaging the compatibility. But as the paths of
Interbase and Firebird fork further, there may well be better options.
I believe the Firebird website has a list of components that can be
used with Firebird, some free, some commercial.