Subject Defaults and Delphi 6.0
Author joseph_ceasar
I created a new table and set default values for certain fields.
When I edit the table using IBOCONSOLE, as soon as I add a new
record, the fields for which default values are defined, are
populated with the default values. So far so good.

Now I go to Delphi and create a small test app. I am using the IB
componets that came with D6 (at least I think they came with D6). I
use a IBDatabase, an IBTable and a regular datasource component to
access the data. I then drop in a DBGrid and link everything
together. When I insert a new rec in the grid, the default values
don't show up. I even tried other data aware components and I still
don't get thos default values to show up. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you