Subject Re: [firebird-support] Defaults and Delphi 6.0
Author Fabrizio Lozada
I'm agree you must switch to TIBQuery but if you want
to persist on using the table component, define each
field on the table component and switch the property
AutoGenerated Value to arDefault for each field which
has a default

--- joseph_ceasar <joseph_ceasar@...> escribió:

I created a new table and set default values for
certain fields.
When I edit the table using IBOCONSOLE, as soon as I
add a new
record, the fields for which default values are
defined, are
populated with the default values. So far so good.

Now I go to Delphi and create a small test app. I am
using the IB
componets that came with D6 (at least I think they
came with D6). I
use a IBDatabase, an IBTable and a regular datasource
component to
access the data. I then drop in a DBGrid and link
together. When I insert a new rec in the grid, the
default values
don't show up. I even tried other data aware
components and I still
don't get thos default values to show up. What am I
doing wrong?

Thank you


Visit and click the
Resources item
on the main (top) menu. Try Knowledgebase and FAQ
links !

Also search the knowledgebases at



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