Subject Re: "database [database name] shutdown"
Author spongebob7487
Thanks Steve. We don't use any triggers or stored procedures so it
is probably a different issue. We have also had it work just fine at
10 locations (and has failed in the last two). I'm trying it again
on my lab machine but I'm assuming that it will work for me (once

But thanks for the vote of confidence ;)


--- In, Steve Wiser <steve@s...>
> Hi,
> Weird stuff like this happened to us when we upgraded from
> v4.x to 5.x (a long time ago). In our case it was from us having
> triggers doing stuff that wasn't allowed in the newer version of
> Interbase so our backup worked fine, but the restore failed, but
in a
> way that we ended up with the data present, but all of the
triggers and
> stored procedures missing. We just changed our trigger code and
then it
> worked fine. This probably has nothing to do with your problem,
but I
> thought I would share it anyways...
> -steve
> On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 13:40 +0000, spongebob7487 wrote: