Subject "database [database name] shutdown"
Author spongebob7487
I have a client who performed a backup and restore using the GBAK
routine. When we try to connect to the resulting database we get
the "database [database name] shutdown" error. Does anyone know what
could be causing this? Here are some more details.

1) I can "fix" the issue by bringing the database back online using
the GFIX -online option. However, this just lets users other than
SYSDBA connect. There are data integrity issues (see below).

2) All of the database tables are completely empty. None of the data
was restored.

3) The owner of each table is SYSDBA instead of the real owner
assigned in the original database.

4) No one ever manually "shut the database down". GBAK must have
done it during the restore (or else never got to the point where it
brings it online in the first place).

5) We are upgrading from Interbase 6.0 to Firebird 1.5. The backup
was made using GBAK against the Interbase database. The restore was
made using GBAK from version 1.5 of Firebird.

It appears that either the backup or restore failed to complete
(probably the restore). Any ideas as to why this happens? It
actually happened on two different databases/machines today so we
are really getting spooked.