Subject RE: [firebird-support] Interbase/Firebird with a SAN
Author Leyne, Sean

> We are thinking about starting off with a 3 TB SAN from Dell and
> attaching it to 8 of our servers, but I would love to hear if anyone
> else is doing this and if so how it is going, any pitfalls to avoid,
> etc.

SANs are a pet subject of mine, I've been working on my business partner
to get one for 2 years but he keeps resisting.

Are you looking at Fibre Channel or iSCSI connects?

Unless you are going to be using 10Gb network cards/switches, Fibre
Channel is the only way to go (unfortunately). Firebird, like all
databases, is I/O bound so transfer speed is critical. Fibre Channel is
currently the only way to get the throughput.

Are you looking to use volume mirroring/replication?

You will need to test if mirrors of the Firebird databases are valid if
the host dies. Most HBAs should act exactly like a normal hard drive
controller, and provide the correct disk write order, but you will need
to test to be sure.