Subject Re: stored procedures permissions question
Author Robby
Sure, I'd be happy to discuss it, on list or off list.

if you would like to discuss this off list, my personal email address
is robbyd@...



--- In, Bogus³aw Brandys
<brandys@o...> wrote:
> Robby wrote:
> > Ok. I knew that that was an option, but I have about 40 SPs....that's
> > a lot of permissions to grant (considering that I have to do one on a
> > case by case basis ...SP Foobar() might require SELECT access to table
> > BLA and UPDATE access to table FOO, a different SP would have
> > different needs). I see that there are some scripts that can ease
> > this, but what would be best is if those SPs ran as sysdba and I only
> > had to grant access to the test user to run the SPs.
> Feature request.Good for developer,but consider possible security
> Could we discuss this proposition ?
> Regards
> Boguslaw Brandys