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Author Mike Homiller
I think you sent this to the wrong guy. I just joined Firebird Support

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Re: stored procedures permissions

Robby wrote:
> Ok. I knew that that was an option, but I have about 40 SPs....that's
> a lot of permissions to grant (considering that I have to do one on a
> case by case basis ...SP Foobar() might require SELECT access to table
> BLA and UPDATE access to table FOO, a different SP would have
> different needs). I see that there are some scripts that can ease
> this, but what would be best is if those SPs ran as sysdba and I only
> had to grant access to the test user to run the SPs.

Feature request.Good for developer,but consider possible security
Could we discuss this proposition ?

Boguslaw Brandys


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