Subject Upd8 SQL Conundrum
Author Clay Shannon
I have tables of data that have been pumped over from roughly corresponding
Access tables.

In one type of table, Notes regarding a patient's admissions are kept. One
column holds the patient's id, and another the "admit ordinal."
Unfortunately, the original Access tables did not have the admit ordinal
column, but they did have an "Entry Date" column for when the note regarding
the patient was entered.

I want to be able to update the Firebird Notes tables by inserting the
appropriate value in the Admit Ordinal column. IOW, this:


111 1/1/2001 <null>

111 4/5/2001 <null>

222 3/3/2002 <null>

333 7/4/2003 <null>

333 7/5/2004 <null>

333 7/6/2005 <null>


should become this:


111 1/1/2001 1

111 4/5/2001 2

222 3/3/2002 1

333 7/4/2003 1

333 7/5/2004 2

333 7/6/2005 3


Does anybody know how to accomplish this with a SQL Update st8ment?

Clay Shannon,

Dimension 4 Software

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