Subject Re: FB1.52 needs admin-rights after installation of Securityfixes
Author uv_eins
Hi Simon,
> > > Alsow which version of Windows are you using?
> > XP prof, SP2, German
> I did a google and found this article
> ( several people
> having the same problem and a chap called Biju Balan posted a
> solution seems to have worked.
thanks...but winsock is OK...only MS-related things and SARAH...but
this is from AVM (WLAN+DSL)...also OK.
I don't think, that i have catched some spy- or adware on my pc.
Checked with actual AV...Trend Micro found nothing.
At the moment i share the thoughts of Helen: Updating hotfixes with
running FB-Service is not good and can result in problems ;-(
Seems that i have to live with it....
Thank you anyway!