Subject FB1.52 needs admin-rights after installation of Securityfixes
Author uv_eins
Hi together,
the recommended action to run FB-service with an unprivileged
useraccount was etablished and works without any problem since
starting with FB ...OK...i started with IB ;-)
After installing the latest MS-fixes (list see below) and rebooting,
i got the following message:
(Server) INET/inet_error: socket errno = 10106

(Server) Database:
Unable to complete network request to host "X".
Failed to establish a connection.
Der angeforderte Dienstanbieter konnte nicht geladen oder
initialisiert werden.

The mentioned error number is found at MS-KB in connection with
corrupt winsock. I think, this is not the case ;-)

First i thought, this is a problem with the firewall, but stopping
the firewall did not stop the error.

After changing the userrights of the serviceaccount to
administrative rights, everything works fine.
The following was checked and found unchanged: Policy: Logon as
Service, File-ACLs for FB-Dir and DB-Dir.

My questions:
- does anybody have the same experience?
- does anybody know, which of the fixes is responsible for this
- or i.g: is there a solution available within FB or does anybody
know what is wrong?


The details:
FB1.52, XP prof SP2 german, with the follwing security fixes
installed at this date:
KB893803v2, KB898461, Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1, KB892130,
KB898461, KB890859, KB894391, KB896428, KB895658, KB893086,
KB899588, KB886185, KB890830, KB901214, KB893066, KB890046,
KB898458, KB896358, KB887472, KB887742, KB896727, KB899587,
KB896422, KB899591, KB893756, KB896423, KB873381, KB896358,
KB901214, KB894391