Subject isql and umlaut on linux
Author schimmi62

I'm using Firebird version on Linux SuSE 9.2.
I've a database with the default character set ISO8859_1 and SQL dialect 3

When I start up isql on the linux machine I set first
> SET NAMES ISO8859_1;
then i connect to the database.
> connect 'blabla' .....
Then I want to insert a new record with an umlaut.
But it doesnt work.
If I press an umlaut nothing happens, no character is seen in the isql
On the linux textconsole I can use öäå without problem.

Anyone knows what I am doing wrong or if I'm missing something?
Do I have to set a special environment variable like LC_TYPE or
something like this?

Best regards,
Jörg Schiemann