Subject Re: FB1.52 needs admin-rights after installation of Securityfixes
Author uv_eins
Hi Helen,

> Some more ideas:
> The 10106 error is WSAEPROVIDERFAILEDINIT, which means server,
client, or
> both, is failing to initialise the UDP socket for port 3050; or
> service expects DNS to be running but it hasn't been started yet.
Hmmm...the idea with initialising port 3050 i also had...i stopped
the firewall....same error. The idea with DNS is realistic, because
DNS is provided from the DSL-Router...and to this router the
connection is via WLAN. Usually this is established after logon. And
the service starts before logon.
Nevertheless..the days before installing the hotfixes it works.

Did one
> of the patches change the privileges for accessing the NETLOGON
> (since you say it works OK if you install the service to run under
> localsystem user)?.
Yes...with a normal useraccount and normal user rights the service
and FB started without error _before_ installing the hotfixes. After
installation FB only started without errors if i give the
serviceaccount admin rights. With the account localsystem also
everything is OK. But this is not the recommeded way ;-)

I have again checked the local security authority:
logon as service: OK for service account
Logon locally: OK for everyone
Access this computer via network: OK for everyone
Are there more possibilities (except deny-entries)?

> I saw a posting somewhere, on a MSDN list, where some guru said
> breakage happens if you install M$ security patches without
shutting down
> services that listen on UDP ports (like AV, Spyware and - natch!
Huuuu....yeah...i'm guilty ;-( i installed the hotfixes without
shutting down FB (and AV). Does this guru know, how to fix this

> But it might be something simple, like the patching changed the
sequence in
> which services are started. It might therefore be coincidence
that the
> (existing) firebird-user-owned service gave the problem, whereas
> localsystem-owned service didn't - because the reinstalled service
is now
> started later.
maybe...but how to check?

so long & thanks for putting brain in this case