Subject Re: FB1.52 needs admin-rights after installation of Securityfixes
Author uv_eins
Hi Jason,

> That error usually indicates broken winsock, so take a look. Did
> recently remove any viruses or spyware? last virus is now about 10 years ago and spyware...never
seen ;-)
The error message in the FB-logfile was definitively direct after
the installation of the hotfixes and the reboot.
I checked some articles in the MS-Technet and other newsgroups and i
also found the above mentioned link. This program doesn't really
work. The backup of the reg-keys failed.
I also checked the entries in winsock...quite a lot...but everything
looks fine. No "strange" entrys..only the typical MS-entries and the
entries from the WLAN (AVM).

Any more ideas?