Subject Firebird and XML
Hi Everyone!

A friend of mine uses a firebird 1.0 database on his local server. This database directly supplies info to his local clients PCs which run a VB based booking program. The database indirectly supplies its information to his website - indirectly because currently, a backup of the db is sent to an external service provider once per day. My friends website then sends XML queries to the service provider and gets XML parsed from that service provider.
Besides the downside that the answers from the db that resides at the service provider may be up to 24 hrs old, there is one more issue: The service provider was bought by a competitor of my friend's company. You can imagine that he doesn't like the idea of his database backup being a sent to his competitor once per day.

What would be the easiest way to switch off the "mad in the middle"? Is there a simple way to make firebird accept xml queries and parse xml output? Or would he have to rewrite his website to send sql queries to firebird?



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