Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is it better to have FireBird on its own Hard Disk?
Author Milan Babuskov
rekkod wrote:
> Did somebody maybe do any tests on a computer where the Operating
> System is say on C:\ and FireBird is on another hard disk to see if
> there is an improvement for the database responsiveness and the
> FireBird app.
> I assume due to multi-tasking and the fact that the same (only one)
> hard disk is shared by many apps, that while the FireBird service is
> reading data that it may be interrupted to read other data required by
> another app (or the O/S), or are all records read and retrurned as
> an "atomic" operattion.

Well, the Firebird itself runs from memory, so it does not matter where
it is installed. What matters are the databases. I usually put databases
on different disk. The best solution would be to have three disks: one
for OS, one for database and one for swap.

Milan Babuskov