Subject Is it better to have FireBird on its own Hard Disk?
Author rekkod
Hi All

Did somebody maybe do any tests on a computer where the Operating
System is say on C:\ and FireBird is on another hard disk to see if
there is an improvement for the database responsiveness and the
FireBird app.

I assume due to multi-tasking and the fact that the same (only one)
hard disk is shared by many apps, that while the FireBird service is
reading data that it may be interrupted to read other data required by
another app (or the O/S), or are all records read and retrurned as
an "atomic" operattion.

What other steps can be taken to make the database access faster. I
assume that the highest RPM and largest Hard Disk buffer will also help.

What O/S is best for FireBird, and is there a significant speed-
increese between 2000 -> XP -> 2003, or is the O/S minimal?