Subject Transaction isolation and server type
Author Ryan Thomas
Hi All,

I'm not sure if this is more for the IBO list or the fb-support list.

We are running a system that uses two different transactions on the client
application - one for read-only and one for read-write operations. Our
transaction isolation settings were set to tiCommitted for both of them.
This works fine on the vast majority of our customers - which are all
running super-server.

Last night we ran into a problem with our only customer who is running
classic server - whenever nearly any query is run we get a lock conflict on
no wait transaction (as if one of the transactions is set to tiConsistency).

Setting the read-only transaction to tiConcurrency resolves the lock
conflict but brings in a bunch of refresh issues (i.e. to display the
changes made by the rw transaction).

Is there some sort of configuration setting that needs to be set on classic

Also, I have google'd for a build of SS for FreeBSD but can't seem to find
one - are there any issues with building SS under FreeBSD that anyone knows


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TransActive Systems

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