Subject Re: [firebird-support] Maintainance of stored procedures
Author Lucas Franzen
women_lover_best schrieb:
> Hi,
> we have just completed our database design,and stored procedures
> also.Now,there were some issues...some columns datatypee was required
> to be changed..but Firebird is not allowing it as it says there are
> dependencies due to stored we have to drop all those
> stored procedures..Our database team is worried it might become
> difficult to maintain database and stored procedures..are
> their some ways to handle such scenarios?
> thks
> vishy
> P.S because of such problems..I dont like SP's...dynamicSQL using an
> ORM tool is the way to go..

Sorry, but that's the way it is, and (for me and almost everyone else)
it's ok this way.

If you've got a database design that is that "poor" taht you have to
change column definitions quite frequently then you'll have to change
depending stored procedures (and views, and triggers) , too.

In short: the source of the problem aren't the dependencies it is that
you're changing field definitions (as it seems) too often.

Take care for a proper database design, thus minimizing these "problems".
Soemtimes it's easier to declare a field as a varchar (60) (even if you
think you need maximum 40 characters) than declaring it as a varchar(40)
and then experience that this won't fit...


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