Subject RE: [firebird-support] Maintainance of stored procedures
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi,
> we have just completed our database design,and stored procedures
> also.Now,there were some issues...some columns datatypee was required
> to be changed..but Firebird is not allowing it as it says there are
> dependencies due to stored we have to drop all those
> stored procedures..Our database team is worried it might become
> difficult to maintain database and stored procedures..are
> their some ways to handle such scenarios?
> thks
> vishy
> P.S because of such problems..I dont like SP's...dynamicSQL using an
> ORM tool is the way to go..

if you use a decent admin tool, changing a column type will result in a
rebuild script (created for you by the tool), to drop and recreate the
dependencies in the correct order.
I do not have aproblem with this method. But long-term, you will less
inclined to changing columns - it measn you madea mistake in your design at
this stage. It will be easier to just add column in future.