Subject Re: Events and Firewall again
Author fabiano_bonin
> "The file [firebird.conf] will NOT be read again until the next time
> then server is restarted" The Firebird book, H.Borrie, emphasis is mine.
> mick

This is wrong for Classic Server. For CS we have a 'server' instance
for each connection, so there is nothing to be 'restarted'. Each
connection starts its own process and read the firebird.conf file.

Anyway, i got the answers i was looking for in the developers list.
Events doesn't happens in the port specified in 'RemoteAuxPort' when
using Classic Server. They still uses a random port. 'RemoteAuxPort'
works just for SuperServer.

So, if somebody wants to use FB plus Zebedde, or FB plus firewall in a
remote network, or any configuration where you need to know the port
used by events, the way to go is SuperServer.