Subject Re: Active Database
Author mikcaau
--- In, "Oscar Villacis"
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> Dear friends:
> Which is the data format for to interpret a firebird event trough a
> interface?
> For development reasons I can't use Delphi in my projects, so I'm
> for a custom solution for VB platform. I've been searching for a
> (ocx/dll) that handles with events but I found nothing. Maybe
someone can
> explain me how events works in the tcp/ip level for to interpret
them in a
> vb interface. Or how to use the 'C' libs for to make a usable DLL in
vb (but
> I don't like to remember C :P )
> Regards
> Oscar Villacis
> Guayaquil-Ecuador

the dll is fbclient.dll. To be notified of events you register them
with fbclient.dll - its interface is documented. You need to provide a
call back procedure. Note that event notification occurs in its own
thread and your procedure can only make a copy of the event and act on
it after the dll returns - ie after your callback function completes.
I did provide some links for you yesterday, here they are again

I did find some VB tools here
whether they help you or not I can't predict.